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About the Tapestries:

Political Fabric is comprised of a group of tapestries that seeks to record resistance to the disastrous policies of the destructive and corrupt Bush/Cheney reign. When the work on these images began the national polls measuring support of the administration were highly supportive - although then, as now, world opinion of the Bush regime was negative in the extreme.

Failure, of course, is an orphan and today those polls are almost exactly reversed. The fear-mongering Neo-Cons and the hordes of cronies and flag-waving camp followers cannot point blame and back away from the "decider" fast enough. The previously submissive national media and the complicit Democrats have suddenly found a critical voice. "If only we knew then," they self-servingly say "what we know now ...".

But millions of people in this country and many more millions around the world did know then. During the run up to invasion they filled the streets in opposition to trumped-up intelligence and unprovoked "preemtive war." They were ignored with smirking condescension.

These images chronicle some of the language of those protests. And they attempt to remind us that an innocent generation will suffer the cost of the Bush/Cheney legacy of blood and corruption of law.

John Nava
June 30, 2007

Stop Mad Cowboy Disease | 2006 | 113 x 78 inches | Jacquard Tapestry | Edition of 5
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